Setting up a Booth

Exhibition is one of the main activity formats at COIFAIR, with purpose of supplying a space for all participants to showcase image, promote product service, introduce investment projects, approach cooperation partners and talk face to face, by presenting printed matters, real objects, pictures, models, media, etc so as to efficiently develop business of investment, investment attraction and financing.
Enjoying such Exhibition space will offer you:
☆ Directly approaching Chinese and abroad investment units, projects owners, financial organizations and third-party service suppliers in overseas investment field of over 2000 agencies and 5000 persons.
☆ Making fully use of the booth’s function as a negotiation place to make appointments with present and potential cooperation partners and have B2B meetings there. 
☆ Holding a coffee break at the booth.
☆ Holding projects or service presentation at the booth.
□ As COIFAIR is a high-end interactive communication place of international investment sector, we suggest the exhibitors setting up a specially decorated booth with both functions of publicity and negotiation with unique features to extrude its image and attract professional spectators for developing effective business discussions.
□ Wine or coffee reception at the booth will be more attractive
□ Mini presentation can be held at the booth place.