With the approval and the registration from the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, China Overseas Development Association (CODA for short), established on 10 December 2004, is a national social organization with legal association capacity. Its business is supervised by the National Development and Reform Commission of the PRC. 

Adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristic for a New Era, and directed by the State Organs Work Committee of CPC Central Committee, CODA is committed to playing actively the role of a bridge and a link, to participating in the construction of the Belt and Road, and serving Chinese companies to go global and develop the international cooperation of production capacity.

In accordance with relevant articles, CODA sets up the Council, Chairman and Vice Chairman, Secretary-general and Deputy Secretary-general, Administration Office, Finance Department, General Affairs Department, International Cooperation Department, “the Belt and Road” Cooperation Department, New Energy Alliance, Eurasian Cooperation Center, China-Kazakhstan Cooperation Center, etc.



COIFAIR (Beijing) Business Development Co., Ltd. (COIFAIR Ltd for short), is the flagship subsidiary company directly under China Overseas Development Association (CODA for short). Also, it is the official executive organizer of the China Overseas Investment Fair, namely the Organizing Committee of the COIFAIR. 


COIFAIR Ltd was founded in 2019, its president is Mr. HE Zhenwei, who is also the Secretary-general of CODA and the Executive Chairman of the Organizing Committee of COIFAIR. Through sharing the resources of CODA and its events, COIFAIR Ltd was backed up by a strong advisory council with senior experts at home and abroad. Meanwhile, the company has built up a young and promising executive team, with major business including the annual COIFAIR promoting and organizing, Consulting of domestic and foreign economic and trade issues, hosting exhibitions, organizing activities of investment, trade and cultural communication, serving the Chinese or overseas governments and enterprises with information collection, business match-making, conference planning, various translations, and so on.

As the organizing committee of the COIFAIR, our team has always been keeping close contact with relevant government departments, business associations, third-party service institutions such as the finance and law firms, enterprises across industries and media at home and abroad. We have mature experiences in planning and hosting country or industrial promotion seminars, promoting and financing investment projects cooperation, organizing investment training courses, organizing overseas visit delegation of local governments and companies. Our objective is to organize “COIFAIR” better and bring the brand to the world.