The Organizing Committee of COIFAIR:

Address: Room 701, Building 2, Jianwai SOHO East, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100048, P.R. China
Tel:     +86-10-65020520           Fax:   +86-10-65020689

Contact person for:
Asian countries:
Chris Yang (Ms.)     Mob:+86-15624982134     Email:
American countries:
European countries:
Sherry Cheung (Ms.)   Mob: +86-13521708500      Email:
African countries:
Sam Qiu (Mr.)       Mob: +86-18533617839      Email:
Russian language area:
Sam Qiu (Mr.)       Mob: +86-18533617839      Email:
Meng Wang (Mr.)    Mob: +86-15010711367      Email:
Media Cooperation:
Betty Yang (Ms.)     Mob: +86-15200864705      Email: