With the approval of National Development and Reform Commission of the PRC and the support of relevant departments of the State Council and international organizations, China Overseas Investment Fair(COIFAIR for short)is an annual international conference jointly founded by China Overseas Development Association and China Development Bank in 2009. The COIFAIR is scheduled to be held in Beijing every year, and has been successfully held for 11 consecutive sessions. Its main purpose is to build an international platform for Chinese enterprises to exchange the information, interact and carry out investment cooperation with other countries around the world.
COIFAIR has attracted investment promotion agencies, international and regional economic organizations, foreign embassies and institutions to China, various associations and chambers of commerce, global top-500 enterprises, well-known financial agencies, international accountants and law offices to participate in ever since its establishment. Each year, the organizer would invite Chinese government officials to introduce the latest policies for its outbound investment, the experts from international organizations such as the United Nations to explain the development trend of overseas direct investment, guests from the host countries to promote their investment environment and project; heads from multinational enterprises to present industry investment strategies; famous scholars to share their advanced visions and cutting-edge theories of global investment, aiming to create a communication space and gather together the helpful information and ideas for participants from all over the world.
Through 10 years persistent efforts, COIFAIR has been committed itself in boosting Chinese enterprises to go abroad, playing an indispensable role in developing “the Belt & Road” construction and promoting international production capacity cooperation.
Firstly, COIFAIR is a kind of innovation. Over 10 years experiences and accumulation enriched its contents and function, which is embodied not only by the increasingly professional and well organized forums and exhibitions, but also by the effective propaganda, diversified information, fruitful meetings and growing participants. COIFAIR is like a good helper for Chinese and foreign companies to realize bilateral investment and development, to cooperate with the Belt and Road construction, to make friends and become partners under the vision of building the humanity destiny community. Moreover, it energizes investment cooperation and economic development. Over the decades, COIFAIR mobilized all forces to explore domestic and foreign the two markets and use capital and technology the two resources to help Chinese businesses to invest and develop overseas, actively facilitating China’s outbound investment, capacity cooperation and the high-quality development of the Belt and Road construction.
Secondly, COIFAIR is an effective channel. Focusing on globalization and connectivity, COIFAIR plays more stable role as a bridge, appears more attractive organizing forms. Over the past 10 years, COIFAIR received great support from the Chinese government and relevant ministries, the high-level official who have attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches such as the Former Vice Premier of the State Council Mr. Wang Yang, Former Vice Premier of the State Council Mr. Zeng Peiyan, Vice Chairman of the 12th CPPCC National Committee Mr. Chen Yuan, Vice Chairman of the NDRC Mr. Mu Hong, Mr. Ning Jizhe and Mr. Hu Zucai, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Commerce Mr. Fang Aiqing; Governor of Guangdong Province Mr. Ma Xingrui, Presidents from COFCO, CNNC, BOC, ICBC, ABC, CCB, etc. Also over 540 foreign speakers like Russian Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Trutnev, former French Prime Minister Mr. Rafael and foreign diplomat from more than 100 countries to China. COIFAIR has widened up the channel for all participants to directly listen to the voice of the authority, assisted domestic and foreign enterprises in exploring diversified markets and making decisions on international investment and development.
Thirdly, COIFAIR is an efficient platform. Over the previous 10 years, COIFAIR focused on the elements of market, idea, and innovation, followed the lead of foreign investment, took mutual benefit and win-win cooperation oriented, forged ahead and went deeper with self-motivation and common development. It has become a brand not only promoting "going global", but also affecting multilateral investment, serving as important platform for Chinese and foreign enterprises to realize multilateral investment cooperation. Meantime, representatives from over 110 countries and regions registered in the event to seek business opportunities. It is reported that a total of 326 forums has been held, more than 2,600 experts delivered speeches to over 65,000 audiences, over 296 investment projects meetings have been organized, about 260 multilateral cooperation agreements with more than 11 billion US dollars investment volume have been signed, more than 570 foreign and domestic exhibition booths have been set up and have received more than 290,000 professional visitors. Each year, more than 100 domestic and foreign media give interviews, such as Xinhua News, People's Daily, CCTV, Phoenix Satellite Television, ITAR-TASS, Wall Street Journal, Reuters and other mainstream media, which have effectively expanded the influence and popularity of COIFAIR.
COIFAIR begins from scratch, grows from small to large, and takes the concept into practice. It has achieved much results, and has become an important platform and brand for China’s overseas investment cooperation, and a link and bridge for communications between Chinese and foreign enterprises. It is reasonable to believe that COIFAIR will go further and better with the strong support of NDRC, contributing to promote Chinese companies to go global and participate in the Belt and Road construction.